Starring : Suvinder Vicky, Barun Sobti

Directed by : Randeep Jha

Punjabi limited Web series of 6 episodes available in other languages like Hindi, Telugu etc

3 stars out of 5


Randeep Jha’s Kohrra story Opens with the murder of an NRI. the victim is Paul (Vishal Handa), who arrives in India with his childhood friend Liam (Ivanty Novak) in a remote village of Punjab for his wedding with Veera (Anand Priya). Two days after the engagement, Paul is found dead with a slit throat and his friend Liam Missing. However Veera is involved with Saakar (Saurav Khurana) who is a Rapper, but being interested in lavish UK Life she decides to marry Paul, which makes Saakar angry. With Paul being dead and friend missing, Suvinder Vicky, Barun Sobti being case investigating officers try to unfold the mystery behind the death. The suspects range from own family members to Drug Peddlers to Truck drivers or the lovebirds Veere and Saakar. How the Murder Mystery unfolds becomes the rest of the story.

Randeep Jha’s once again proved that, if there is content, the cast does not matter, Suvinder and Barun as the Investigating officers have performed to the best of their capabilities. The story line is tight and one does not feel bored till the end. The story has many twists and turns and the secret is kept intact till the end.

Well the Series is a good watch, I am going with 3 stars out of 5

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