Starring: Vishwaksen, Chandini Chowdhary, Abhinaya, Mohammad Samad, Harika Pedada

Director: Vidyadhar Kagita

2.0 Stars out of 5

Vishwaksen’s Gaami, has hit the silver screen with mixed reactions.


The story delves around 3 parts, one a family of Devdasi, second a experiment in a remote place by scientists backed by Chinese and third the journey of Shankar to find Mali Patra. The Director cleverly linked all the three parts which culminated into the same role of Shankar. The Movie starts with Vishwak as Shankar is an Aghora, is faced with a rare medical issue of intolerable human touch.  As a cure to his condition, his guru tells him to Malipatra flowers in Dronagiri Mountains. Shankar embarks on his journey to find the Mali Patra; Chandini accompanies him over the journey. The reason for the disease, how he gets the cure forms the rest of the story.


The Movie is very slow paced; however, the director tries to create interest by linking various pats of the story.  Vishwaksen shines in his role as an Aghora, Chandini as a doctor accompanying Shankar played her role with ease, the locals and visuals are amazing.

Over all a decent family movie for the weekend, which will be liked by a class of people. We give the movie a 2.5 Starts out of 5

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