FILM REVIEW OF TARIKH : A timeless circle of life with lively moments

May 2, 2019

Death is inevitable, no one can escape it. After our birth the second most eternal truth of life remains death. We all know that but what we don’t know is when it’ll happen and how it’ll come! Besides all our special days within a calendar year there lies a date completely hidden from our attention. […]

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FILM REVIEW Of JYESHTHOPUTRO : A Soul-stirring Journey Of Self-discovery Where A Superstar Gets To Know Himself In The Mirror

April 29, 2019

Kaushik Ganguly’s ‘Jyeshthoputro’ is an iconic film which’ll be remembered for years. It reminds me about an iconic scene from Yash Chopra’s Cult Classic, ‘Deewar’ where the two brothers pitted against each other due to the law. While Amitabh Bachchan is being a crook reminds his honest brother of the worldly possessions he has (Buildings, […]

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FILM REVIEW OF VINCI DA: Sharp, intelligent and one of the most unique crime thrillers of Indian cinema.

April 14, 2019

Cinema is a collaborative form of art which brings everyone in the cast and crew on the same page. And when everything falls into place with largely useful contributions, it’s nothing short of a miracle! Whenever we catch our favourite stars on celluloid mostly we end up praising about them while saying how good they look or […]

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FILM REVIEW Of KIA And COSMOS : An outstanding coming of age tale of a teenager girl with autism spectrum disorder.

April 10, 2019

KIA And COSMOS is undoubtedly one of the best Bengali Films of this decade. It’s an outstanding coming of age tale of a teenager girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It feels refreshingly delightful to see the people, Society and the World through the eyes of a 15 years Old girl KIA who is more pure, […]

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FILM REVIEW Of Basu Paribaar: A powerful family drama that gives you a melancholic feeling of incompleteness.

April 6, 2019

National award winning Filmmaker Suman Ghosh’s latest offering begins with a heartfelt letter which is written by Pranabendu ( Soumitra Chatterjee ) to his son Raja and daughter-in-law Roshni In USA. Pranabendu, a retired barrister ( Soumitra ) and his wife Manjari, a former teacher ( Aparna Sen ) are about to celebrate their 50th wedding […]

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