FILM REVIEW Of JYESHTHOPUTRO : A Soul-stirring Journey Of Self-discovery Where A Superstar Gets To Know Himself In The Mirror

Kaushik Ganguly’s ‘Jyeshthoputro’ is an iconic film which’ll be remembered for years. It reminds me about an iconic scene from Yash Chopra’s Cult Classic, ‘Deewar’ where the two brothers pitted against each other due to the law. While Amitabh Bachchan is being a crook reminds his honest brother of the worldly possessions he has (Buildings, Properties, Bank Balance, Cars, Fame). But Shashi Kapoor makes him speechless with his four iconic words “Mere Paas Maa Hai” and that becomes a benchmark of Indian Cinema later. But In ‘Jyeshthoputro’ the two brothers are pitted against each other due to their differences. Here the elder brother Indrajit is a superstar of Bengali cinema and the younger brother Partho is a simple straight forward man from a village named Ballavpur.
In one of the most memorable scenes of the film the elder brother tells his younger brother that there must be some magic in him for which his brother needs to seek the permission from the Police, cross six bodyguards and then he can come to his room even though they are brothers from the same mother ; his younger brother Partho later replies him back with four golden words which not only makes his elder brother speechless but also takes this film into another level.

Prosenjit Chattrjee as the Elder Son ‘Indrajit’ and Ritwick Chakraborty as the younger son ‘Partho’ in the film.

Although Indrajit and Partho are Two Brothers but they’re from two different worlds. It’s their father’s sudden demise which makes the elder son to return in his village after a decade. From The Very First Frame The Director Clearly shows the differences between them while showing the superstar elder son arrives in a helicopter and the younger son watches it while coming in a Rickshaw. Both Of Them have an only sister, Illa whose mental health isn’t good due to a personal tragedy. As the film moves ahead it makes you realize the perception of people keep changing with the time. As well as the priorities of life.
Every person has two main entities. For an example the elder son Indrajit Ganguly whose superstar entity is so huge that simply overshadows his other entity as a human being towards his family, whereas the younger son Partho is a wonderful playwright and an outstanding actor compared to his superstar elder brother Indrajit but at the end of the day his first entity remains to everyone as a dutiful son, a caring husband and a protective brother towards his sister. So the people always judge someone by his one entity which overshadows the other.

An intense moment from the film featuring Prosenjit Chatterjee.

Jyeshthoputro’ is a soul-stirring journey of self-discovery where a superstar gets to know himself in the mirror. It clearly shows in spite of becoming everyone’s favorite on screen hero why someone turns into an insignificant member of the family with the time. It proves how your priorities can change the equations with your family. And after a point it only the memories of your past which stays with them and your present creates a huge distance with everyone you love from the bottom of your heart. The relationship drama tells you to invest in your relationships today before it’s too late to invest in tomorrow.

Sreya Bhattacharyya and Prosenjit Chatterjee In the film.

POSITIVES:- There’re some films which look quite impressive in papers but when it comes to execution those turn unimpressive and there’re some other films which sound decent in papers but turn out extraordinary in execution. Kaushik Ganguly’s ‘Jyeshthoputro’ falls in the second category. The way he executes the entire film, it certainly makes it an iconic one. The National Award Winning director has an eye for detail. Never for a moment he tries to make it overdramatic yet the film captures different types of emotions such as anger,irritation, disturbance, sadness, jealousy, emptiness, bitterness, affection almost everything with ease. Even though the film is an intense watch still the subtle humor is visible in the narrative. Watch out for the scene where the younger brother describes themselves as ‘minority’ in front of growing frogs, snakes in their old house. In another occasion he finds the name of his brother’s P.A. Priya Mitraa is inspired by the two single screen theaters of Kolkata, ‘Priya’ and ‘Mitra’.

Performances are topnotch and undoubtedly one of the biggest strengths of ‘Jyeshthoputro.’ Four women in the film play four pivotal characters and each one of them excels in their respective part. Sudiptaa Chakraborty proves once again her versatility with her purely natural performance as Illa. Daminee Basu as Parul is a sheer delight!
The way she emotes her eyes, speaks through her various facial expressions, is simply amazing. Garee Roychowdhury as Sudeshna delivers a mature performance and Sreya Bhattacharyya as calm and quiet Rai, is sincere in the film.

Sudiptaa Chakraborty and Prosenjit Chatterjee in a pivotal scene from the film.

Prosenjit Chatterjee wonderfully captures the multi layered character of superstar Indrajit. Even At times his performance makes you feel the real superstar meets with reel. Kaushik Ganguly and Prosenjit reunite in ‘Jyeshthoputro’ after ‘Drishtikone’ and ‘Kishore Kumar Junior’ for the Third time and undoubtedly It’s┬átheir best film together so far. Ritwick Chakraborty as the younger son Partho delivers an OUTSTANDING performance. Easily Can be termed as one of his finest works till date. Never for a moment he makes you feel he’s actually acting in the film.Prabuddha Banerjee’s background music is comparable to the International standards. After ‘Nagarkirtan’ once again he speaks through his instruments. Sirsha Ray’s DOP is Excellent. The way he captures the entire village and its natural beauty, is a treat to your eyes. Tanmoy Chakraborty’s art work is
Par Excellence. Subhajit Singha’s editing is razor-tight.

A candid moment.

NEGATIVES:- The film never goes back to the past to give the answers of few unanswered questions. For an example Indrajit’s connection with his distant cousin Parul or his past relation with the school teacher Sudeshna isn’t explained properly in the tale. The first half could have been more effective.

FINAL WORDS:- All said and done, Jyeshthoputro is an iconic film which should not be missed at any cost. You’ll feel the invisible presence of legendary filmmaker, late Rituparno Ghosh here. GO FOR IT.

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