FILM REVIEW OF VINCI DA: Sharp, intelligent and one of the most unique crime thrillers of Indian cinema.

Cinema is a collaborative form of art which brings everyone in the cast and crew on the same page. And when everything falls into place with largely useful contributions, it’s nothing short of a miracle! Whenever we catch our favourite stars on celluloid mostly we end up praising about them while saying how good they look or how amazingly they perform in the film! But we hardly bother about the immense contribution of those artists who work tirelessly day and night behind the camera just to make them pitch perfect on the screen.

Vinci Da is the hard-hitting story of one of those Unsung Heroes named Vinci Da who is a makeup artist by passion and profession. He has grown up as a fanboy of world-famous celebrated artist, Leonardo da Vinci who proves it to the entire world, Art is Science and Science is Art whereas Vinci Da believes that cinema is art and art is cinema.

Srijit Mukherji’s ‘Vinci Da’ is a trendsetter by many aspects. It’s not every day we come across a film which converts the act of revenge into an act of art. This One Is sharp, intelligent and one of the most unique crime thrillers of Indian Cinema.
Why I’m saying so Let’s breakdown the facts one by one:-

Rudranil Ghosh In one of the candid moments in the film.

In crime thrillers many times we come across either a powerful antagonist or else an intelligent protagonist who solve the whodunit cases single-handedly. In VINCI DA the focus remains on both of them. The narrative deep dives into the mind of a serial killer but at the same time, it captures the creative crisis of an Artist. When VINCI DA said that it’s not just his story, there is another man who’s equally important in the tale that builds up the right momentum and anticipation about the antagonist.

Every Serial Killer treats himself as a ‘Hero’ or the saviour of society. They’re very clear about their intentions and always find a reason for their actions. In fact, whenever some innocent people die or become the victim of their act they say, it serves the greater purpose of the society. ‘ADI BOSE’ is one of those rare criminal minds who is a kind of a superhero in his own thoughts and chooses his victims by following the same pattern. He’s a cold-blooded master serial killer who has read all the books of LAW.

It is quite interesting to see everything from the psychological perspective of a serious lawbreaker.

Vinci Da wonderfully speaks the dilemma of an artist who finds it really hard to choose the right path in between creative satisfaction, recognition, respect or honesty, humanity and justice! A crime thriller from the perspective of an artist and a criminal is quite a game changer.

NEXT, Srijit Mukherji’s films are often considered as the middle of the road films which successfully combine art with commerce.

Vinci Da is also no exception to that. But its the no-nonsense content, unusual treatment, brilliant storytelling, Power-packed dialogues and superlative direction which makes this crime thriller quite different from ‘Baishe Srabon’and ‘Chotushkone.’

Both the Above mentioned films are whodunit thrillers where the mystery revealed in the climax and here almost everything is open and shut from the first frame to the last but the vision and approach make this one quite unique from others.

It’s an edge of your seat belt thriller which evokes enough curiosity for two reasons.

Firstly, How does a mastermind serial killer perform one after another operation so efficiently?

Secondly, How come an ordinary common man converts his revenge into the level of art?

VINCI DA is a dark crime thriller from outside, but from inside it’s the mirror of our society where we all are living in. It wonderfully captures the double standard faces of some Tollywood fraternities who’re here in the industry due to nepotism yet they create a barrier for the real artists. When VINCI DA says, the man who makes an ordinary girl into a beautiful bride on her wedding day or prepares theatre actors with his prosthetic make up is nothing short of a Genius- such lines beautifully pour his heart out. The film is also an eye opener which indicates if given half of the budget of any Bollywood films, this Industry has the potential to make 10 times better film than it.

For me, it’s not just a typical dark crime thriller, it is more of a socially relevant drama which acknowledges the hard work of any artist in any field. It speaks volume for their due respect, creative satisfaction and artistic liberty.

At the same time, it borrows incidents from some real-life events like Industrialist involves in a Rs 2500 Cr scam and run away with the money, hit and run case, rapist runs away while using his money, power and social status.

If you look at any well made mainstream commercial film which follows a typical formula with having a cold-blooded villain, an ordinary protagonist, his love interest, supporting characters, an intriguing face-off between the protagonist and the antagonist, action, thrill, drama, romance, music, powerful one-liners ‘VINCI DA’ offers all the ingredients of it while following the path of the middle of the road cinema.

One of the biggest highlights of this film lies in its character development and power-packed performances by its ensemble cast.

It is not only the characters of ‘VINCI DA’ and ‘ADI BOSE’ which are written well but also the characters from the supporting cast who also make their presence felt in the limited screen times. Starting with the leading lady of the film, Sohini Sarkar as ‘Jaya’ fits into the character of the girl next door image. She looks beautifully natural with her stunning facial expressions. Her scenes with Rudranil Is like a breath of fresh air. Riddhi Sen is outstanding as the younger version of ‘ADI BOSE’ in the film.

Anirban Bhattacharya as DCDD Bijay Poddar excels with his body language and terrific one-liners. Bharat Kaul is effective in a cameo.

Last but not that least both the protagonist and the antagonist deliver splendid performances. Rudranil Ghosh gets into the skin of VINCI DA so well that at times it’s hard to believe he’s RUDRANIL.

Ritwick Chakraborty as the cold-blooded serial killer is bloody brilliant. Although his character doesn’t offer many layers and shades like Vinci Da yet he gives a remarkable performance which will stay with you for long. His screen presence is so infectious that automatically draws your attention right from the word Go.

Hairdresser and makeup artist Somnath Kundu does fantastic work. The way he makes Riddhi’s long hair short is simply amazing! His prosthetic makes up is definitely a character in the film. Anupam Roy’s Music is situational here and it blends well with the film.

Loved the voice of Noble In Anupam’s beautifully written and composed “Tomar Moner Bhetor” Song. Indraadip Dasgupta’s BGM is topnotch. It has rich production value and art director Tapan Seth deserves a big round of applause.

Sudipta Majumdar’s DOP is wonderful. Pronoy Dasgupta makes it short and crisp with his razor-tight editing.

NEGATIVES:- In spite of having so many uniqueness, VINCI DA has its own share of flaws.
It’s quite hard to digest that the Police can’t differentiate between a real person with a look-alike by prosthetic makeup even after having the video clips. In almost every small cases to Big, DCDD Bijay Poddar arrives every time in everywhere which sounds too filmy! The Chapter of the rapist is finished quite hurriedly.

People who don’t like to watch bloodshed, violence with a dark crime thriller This one is definitely not for them.

FINAL WORDS: All said and done, Mukherji Da hits the ball out of the park with ‘VINCI DA.’
Watch this unique crime thriller at a theatre near you.

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