FILM REVIEW Of KIA And COSMOS : An outstanding coming of age tale of a teenager girl with autism spectrum disorder.

KIA And COSMOS is undoubtedly one of the best Bengali Films of this decade. It’s an outstanding coming of age tale of a teenager girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It feels refreshingly delightful to see the people, Society and the World through the eyes of a 15 years Old girl KIA who is more pure, sensitive and intelligent than any other normal human being. She might sound weird to the people at times but to be honest, weird is okay. But what about the people with double standards in our society??

Kia hates liars from the bottom of her heart. Perhaps she’s the only concerned person about her neighbour’s pregnant cat Cosmos who’s mysteriously killed by someone. She asks her mother, “Won’t the Police come to investigate it?” Her Mother Dia answered that it’s just a little cat! but she knows the value of life whether its an animal or any other living being. She deep dives into the murder mystery of her pregnant cat Cosmos while investing it all alone. Will she be able to find out the killer? EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

First Timer Ritwika Pal in the titular character of ‘KIA.’

Well, the crisis of Kia doesn’t end with finding out the Killer of Cosmos instead she gets into more deeper crisis with It. As the story moves back and forth in time we get to know how Kia bonded over music with her father, Kabir and how special their equation was! But as we know that all the good things have an expiry date which comes with the news of her father’s sudden demise news from the mouth of her mother.
But one fine day Kia discovers something in the home which changes her perspective in totality.
She leaves home without informing her mother and takes a courageous journey from Kolkata To Kalimpong in search of her missing father.

Will she be able to find out her father there?
Can she get all the Answers from life?
What Does Life Have In Store For Her?

Ritwika Pal As ‘KIA’ And Swastika Mukherjee As her mother ‘DIA’.

POSITIVES:- I’m simply bowled over by the brilliant storytelling and magnificent execution made by the first time Director Sudipto Roy. What a Vision! To me, the best part of this film is that I can talk about it over and over again but won’t feel tired at all. Superlative direction.

Every frame is magnificent. DOP Aditya Varma’s cinematography is simply MAGICAL. It just makes you feel “WOW.” Abhinav Agnihotri’s sound design sounds so soothing to the ears. Neel Adhikari’s music and BGM is amazingly soulful.

What a mind-numbing performance by the newcomer Ritwika Pal! I bet you won’t believe that she’s not an autistic child. This is the best acting performance of this year by any female lead in Bengali Films so far.

A candid moment from the film featuring Ritwika Pal.

It’s such a delight to catch Swastika Mukherjee in the powerful role of a practical woman. She simply nailed it. After Bilu Rakkhosh Joy Sengupta once again gives an endearing performance in recent years. Sraman Chatterjee As Rabi is excellent and Zahid Hossain as the guide cum friend, Souvik is wonderful in the film.

Weird Is Okay!

NEGATIVES:- The length could have been 10-15 mins shorter than the usual running time. I wish there could have been more of Joy Sengupta in the narrative. Those who like typical commercial potboilers, this one isn’t their cup of tea.

FINAL WORDS:- All said and done, Kia And Cosmos is an OUTSTANDING Independent Film. Don’t miss this sweet little gem at any cost.

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